Australian Bush Flower Essences

I first came across the beautiful flower remedies when I was working at Neals Yard Remedies. These essences are most commonly found in pre blended bottles. However, I have had the pleasure of training to be a Practitioner with Ian White himself who blends the essences out in Australia. 

Ian will take a flower based upon it's properties and make an essence by floating it in water in natural sunlight. The water then carries the properties of the flower and can be used for healing purposes. For example, this beautiful Bottle Brush flower is used as a remedy to help with letting go and cleansing like a brush cleaning a bottle. 

I have used different essences including the famous "Rescue Remedy" by Dr Bach, however I feel a personal resonance with these essences. Think of all the beautiful vibrancy and colour that you can think of when you think of Australian flowers. Then think of the power of those flowers. 

I wear a necklace which contains Angelsword and Fringed Violet. These flowers are both bright purple in colour and are used as a form of protection. 

I can make you a remedy for a purpose or can make you a remedy based on intuition. 

Typical remedies include: 

  • Emergency blend for anxiety

  • Purifying for detox

  • Transition for times of change

  • Woman blend for hormonal balancing

I am able to do telephone consultantions for essesnces and post them to you if you are not local.