We all know how important sleep is to our bodies and minds.

Here are some tips on how to get a better nights sleep.

  1. Establish a routine

    Try to do the same things every evening to wind down. To support your body’s natural circadian rhythm try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Your body will naturally get used to this pattern.

  2. Cut down on screen time before bed.

    The blue light from our screens is super stimulating for our bodies. Try and limit your screen time as much as possible before going to bed. Rest your eyes with reading a book or magazine to help settle your system. You can also set night time mode on most devices now. My favourite app for this is called Flux, which I have on all my devices including my laptop. You enter your wake up and bed time and the app will naturally adjust the white light on your screen.

  3. Stretch, meditate, breath, be mindful.

    Maybe you like yoga or pilates and could try a few restorative positions before going to bed. You could try meditation. There are some great apps out there with sleep meditations, Calm is my favourite, which I do every night in bed. You could also find some free ones on Youtube. If meditation feels a bit too far fetched, you can just follow your breathing. Follow your in and out breath, or try counting. The Breath Guy on instagram has some great breathwork tips. If all of that feels too tricky to begin with, just do something before bed that is mindful. When you brush your teeth, have two minutes where you are just brushing your teeth. Notice how the toothpaste tastes, how does the brush feel, notice the movements and just be with what you are doing.

  4. Aromatherapy and Scent

    Aromatherapy oils in a diffuser can help settle the system. Lavender and Veitiver are two of my favourites. You can find pre-blended oil such as the Neal's Yard Night time blend. Or have a look for yummy night time candles. Go with something you like and incorporate this in your bed time routine.

  5. Herbs

    Herbs such as skullcap and valerian can help relax the body and mind. I like to have a night time tea, my favourite is Pukka.

  6. Temperature

    Your body doesn’t want to be too warm when you are sleeping. You can take a warm shower or bath before bed to help the body cool. You could again use some aromatherapy like a lavender bath oil. Aromatic foaming bath from Neals Yard is lovely. If you can maybe turn your radiator down in your bedroom or get some fresh air circulating.

  7. Sleep Diary

    If you are going through a time where your sleep is super unsettled you could keep a sleep diary. This may help you notice patterns of what is affecting your sleep. You might even find you have something on your mind and the diary may support this.

  8. Craniosacral Therapy

    Last but not least! Craniosacral supports your “rest and digest” nervous system. A huge benefit of this is improved sleep. Lots of my clients say that’s the first thing they notice after a session is how well they sleep.