Your first session will centre around a case history and discussion about why you feel you, your child or baby needs Craniosacral Therapy. 

You remain fully clothed for a session so please wear something comfortable to lay down in. 

We will get you comfortable on the table with blankets and cushions. If you are not able to lay on a treatment table I am able to treat you in a chair or your wheelchair. 

Once on the table we will take some time to settle, I usually sit at someone's feet and we will then have some communication about where feels comfortable in your body, (if anywhere). 

I will then move to work with different parts of the body where I feel drawn to. 

How much we talk in a session remains up to you as it is your session, but we will want to access some stillness. I will check in with you throughout the session or feel free to share anything that comes up. 

Anything that happens in a session remains confidential.

Here are a few images to show you how I may hold the body.

Tori Lavender-122.jpg



Tori Lavender-114.jpg



Tori Lavender-83.jpg