What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle touch treatment.

Tides have been observed in the fluid that bathes the nervous system. 

 The patient’s body will respond to the therapist’s touch. The therapist will work with different parts of the body including feet, back, head and neck, aiding the flow of fluid in the nervous system. They can identify points of strain and support bringing the body back into balance. 

This gentle therapy is suitable for babies, children, adults and pregnant women past their first trimester.

Life happens around us and can leave us feeling stressed, exhausted and unwell, knocking us out of balance and health. 

Craniosacral therapy works with bringing the body back into balance. When we get stressed and unwell our bodies can get stuck in flight or fight mode. Craniosacral therapy helps to downgrade the nervous system and move us back into a relaxed state. 

The Craniosacral Therapy Association have created a short clip which teaches you about Cranio and what to expect in a session.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy 

I have trained in two different styles of Craniosacral Therapy but my main style is Biodynamic. I find the Biodynamic style to be more suited to my style as a therapist as it is gentle yet profound.

“I looked forward to and enjoyed every cranial session with Tori.
I always came away feeling restored and centred.
Not only is she highly knowledgeable about the human body but her emotional intuition gives her the ability to connect with you throughout your session. She strikes the perfect balance of professionalism, warmth and kindness.
She is an exceptionally skilled and gifted therapist”
— BN, Charity Worker

Why come for craniosacral therapy?

  • Anxiety & Stress

  • Pain – Such as Back, Shoulder, Neck, Hips

  • Migraines and headaches

  • Difficulty in "switching off"

  • Sleeping problems in adults, children and babies

  •  Jaw Pain & Teeth Grinding

  • Tinnitus and other ear conditions

  • Eye Strain and other eye conditions

  • Digestive issues

  •  Assisting your body for fertility

  • Rebalancing hormonal issues 

  • Support through the Menopause

  • Help during emotionally challenging life events

  • Self Care

  • To be heard

  • Difficult birth for baby and mother

  • Pre and Post Natal Issues

“I really looked forward to my Craniosacral Therapy sessions with Tori and left them feeling revived. Tori is a calm and welcoming therapist and I would highly recommend her to others”
— ED, Clinical Psychologist
“Tori is a genuinely lovely therapist, whose warm and professional manner immediately puts you at ease.
I really look forward to my Craniosacral Therapy, it is ‘Me time’ that I find so restorative and uplifting.”
— TC, Pilates Instructor